Instructor Program


DX Comabtives takes a different approach into world of self-defense. Personal safety and security begins with the proper education and foundation of awareness and the effective and recognizable skills.

What makes the program different from the rest is focus on the abilities and weakness of the individual. We understand that not everyone is same and will move different from the person next you. So it is our focus to find the suitable skills that will work best for you while developing the core attributes that you and your students will need for a better line of defense.



  • Not your normal self-defense training
  • Help others to be more aware
  • Help others how to get home safe
  • Business guidance
  • Real instructor support
  • Teach workshops & seminars
  • Instructional manuals
  • Private training videos
  • License certification & recognition


  • awareness
  • in-depth study of real-world violence
  • weapons training
  • multiple opponent training
  • stress training mental & physical
  • weapon disarm
  • weapon retention
  • grappling and counter grappling
  • take down & control techniques
  • scenarios training


The program is design with detail instruction to get the student educated and trained from day one and a continuation of proper training for an effective personal protection. Detailed teaching instruction, manuals and videos to assist you for an ongoing student development.


It is simple! Fill out form at the bottom of the screen and hit SEND. We only take so many candidates a year, to keep the quality of our teaching high. Then one of our team representatives will reach out to you within a 24 time frame to answer any of your questions. Tell us what your goals are and what you are passionate about and why you would like to join. And if you like a faster reply contact us 682-558-7792 (call or text) or