Lead Instructor


  • Dynamix Founder
  • Keysi Instructor
  • Defence Lab Instructor
  • PTK-SMF Instructor
  • CSW Student Level 2
  • Former Ballistic 3 Instructor
  • Former KFM Instructor/Student
  • Former ACWA Combatives Instructor

Edwin Rodriguez has been training martial arts for almost 10 years and continues to train on a regular basis. He has been teaching professionally for the past 5 years and his focus has always been on the need for others to better themselves in martial arts or for personal protection. Edwin’s background is heavily influenced by Keysi Fighting Method (KFM),  Academy of Combatives Warrior Arts (ACWA), Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Saveio Militaris Faber (PTK-SMF) under the guidance of Tuhon Tim Waid, and most recently Defence Lab under Andy Norman.

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